Innovative Drug R&D Platforms

Target Deconvolution and Validation
The technology platform is based on the forward genetic screening technology jointly developed by German mpi-age and Austrian IMBA, Screening of antitumor and antiviral drug targets by unbiased chemically induced mutations, It can reveal the spatial structure of drug target combination at amino acid resolution;  It can also detect essential genes and develop a treasure house of drug target resources. The technology platform is applied to target analysis, off target identification and drug resistance prediction, and is applicable to a variety of cell lines and drugs.

AI Aided Virtural Screening
Angalbio has successfully established a whole exome sequencing (WES) analysis platform applied to forward genetics target screening technology. The technology platform has also established an AI aided virtual screening process based on molecule structure-activity relationship, the drug target structure, molecular fingerprints, and the relevant TCM knowleges through ADMET and other means. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of virtual screening in combination with TCM knowledge, we have established a large virtual screening database of TCM.

Natural Compound Purification & Development
Angalbio’s TCM fraction and compound separation platform is doing the separation and extraction of active fractions and compounds from the list of TCM herbs provided by the AI drug virtual screening technology platform and based on the purpose of projects, to provide the high quality samples for Angalbio’s innovative drug screening projects. At the same time, a specific library of TCM fractions and natural compounds has been established in Angalbio. The platform also conducts R&D on natural product quality control and safety issues required for the product development.

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