Austrian anku biological project settled in Suzhou high tech Zone

Suzhou life and health town welcomes the heavyweight project again. On February 21, Suzhou Baimajian life health town construction and Development Co., Ltd., Austria anku biological JLP health Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute officially signed a cooperation agreement to invest in the construction of anku biological project in Suzhou life health town and build a world-class biomedical technology application platform. Josef penninger, Dean of the College of life sciences of the University of British Columbia in Canada and founding director of the Institute of biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Zhang Liqun, head and CEO of the anku biological project, Liu Qing, President of the Jiangsu Institute of industrial technology, Wu Xinming, Secretary of the party working committee and head of the high tech Zone, Hua Jiannan and Tao Guanhong, district leaders, attended the signing ceremony.
It is reported that the anku biological project will be led by Professor Josef penninger, an Austrian scientist. It aims to use the unique haploid cytogenetics repairable screening technology and ultra fast structural analysis platform to use a variety of physiological and sensitive systems to conduct recessive genetic screening in mammalian systems by establishing stable haploid cell lines. Using this technology, we can construct a mammalian cell genome knockout text and apply it to genetic screening, and then find more valuable targets.
At the same time, the project will also rely on the top achievements of the cooperation between the Institute of geriatrics (MPI age), the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the center for medical structures (CSSB) in Hamburg, Germany, to create positive genetic screening and target amino acid structure identification (acus), the world's most accurate genome-wide repairable cell library (JLP Health) in Suzhou The three core technology platforms of advanced high-resolution and high-throughput cryoelectron microscopy (yokto) jointly focus on the field of new drug discovery, such as target identification and target resolution. "The construction of the three core technology platforms will not only bring China the world's leading technological resources, but also carry out high-end drug development for brand-new drug targets, and provide outsourcing services such as rapid target identification, off target detection, mechanism research and antibody verification for pharmaceutical enterprises." Zhang Liqun, the project leader and CEO of anku biology, said that at present, the team has developed a technology to analyze drug targets, natural compounds or viral infection pathways at the amino acid level. In addition, the team also has the most complete gene knockout Library of mouse haploid stem cells, which can directly analyze drug target candidates in function determination. Next, using ultra fast purification tags, the freeze electron microscope platform (to be built) can determine the structure of candidate target drugs in a short time. "2019 is a breakthrough year for high-quality development projects in the high-tech zone. The rapid implementation of the anku biological project has made a good start for the district's life and health industry to 'recruit talents and attract talents'. We hope that all departments will provide full support and high-quality services for the anku biological project." The relevant person in charge of the high tech Zone said.
In recent years, Suzhou high tech Zone has focused on the development of the biomedical industry as a new strategic industry. Relying on the good foundation of the biomedical industry in Suzhou, Taking Suzhou life and health town as the platform carrier, it has made great efforts to introduce a number of global scientific and technological innovation institutions and platforms, expand the number of high-end biotechnology talent groups, and introduce and cultivate key teams with major original new technologies. At present, Suzhou life health town has gathered nearly 10 life health related enterprises.
It is understood that Suzhou life health town is located in the south of Fengqiao street in the high tech Zone, extending to Majian road in the north, Jianxi road in the West and Jinshan Road in the south. The overall planning area of the town is 3.99 square kilometers, of which the core planning land area is 1.4 square kilometers. The town will focus on the "life and health industry" with the most foundation, the most potential and the most growth. Guided by the planning concept of "three life integration", the three circles of production, life and ecology will be closely connected to realize the integrated development of industry, town, people, culture and intelligence.
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